Saturday, October 29, 2005


Seen here in this stock press photo, is at it again. He is adding to the already fine productions he has given us of late, dipping back into the past, and serving up a Knock-out.

Rocky 6, or VI for you romans, will feature a story where Rocky doesn't want to fight, but comes back just to prove he still has it. It won't have Adrienne in it (she died) but it will have the annoying anf fat paulie to, no doubt, spew forth one-liners and try to make the audience forget Stallone is 59.

And I could let that slide. Lord knows I am going to watch the movie, just to see if he can get back in shape, or if he is going to wear a singlet ala Brain Dennehey in Gladiator. But he didn't stop there.

Now, it seems, he is going to make Rambo 4. The plot: he isn't going to go back and fight, but some girl gets kidnapped and he is forced out of retirement. I wish I was making this up.

I called Slyvester to ask him what the hell he was doing:

Me: Hey Rocky, er um, Sly, how's tricks?
Him: Yo, Joshua, congrats on the new webblog
Me: Yeah, it's a good time for JosFro inc. SO, what's this I hear about you making a new Rocky movie?
Him, Oh, that. Well, turns out when you sell your soul to the devil, he means business. I should have never made Rocky 5. But seriously, you know, I just thought people going through what I am could relate to this movie.
Me: you mean to tell me you are experiencing mid-life crisis? You are Rocky, for christsake, Dolf Lundgren couldn;t beat you, and some hormones are getting you down?
Me: Jesus, what happened to you.
Him: No, no. I mean the money. I owe some bad people a lot of money. See, I'm not really Italian. When the mafia found out they wanted a cut. Between that and the hit I took making Cliffhanger I'm broke.

Check the box office next year for Spy Kids: 4D, Stop or my grandkids will shoot,Cop World, and, get carter his depends

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