Sunday, October 23, 2005


There's something you haven't heard often this year.

Really, though, they looked good for three quarters in this game. Some stupid mistakes, but a good game.

Teh first quarter was scoreless, and Vikings defense really showed up. Ahman Green looked like Ahmad Rashad trying to run out there. We controlled the line of scrimmage most of the contest. I was really impressed with Big Pat Williams. For a 320 pound man-monster, he sure can run. He got into Brett's aging grill enough to disrupt some key plays.

Offense, in the first half, was horrible. I actually texted my buddy to say just one word: Disgusting. Every single time we madea good series of plays, we shot ourselves in the foot. Mewelde Moore screwed up a 74 yard kick return by fumbling the very next play. Our offensive line let Daunte get sacked 5 times, and had five 5 penalties. As a result, the Packers hung a 17-0 half on us, scoring all those points in the 2nd quarter.

We would keep them to that score until late in the fourth. Something snapped, and Daunte's line actually gave him pockets. He used them, dinking and dunking just enough, and RUNNING. I know, I can hardly believe it myself, but there was Pepp, rushing again. Then he would make some nice strikes down field, and start the dink and dunk again. Marcus Robinson put us in the TD column, and Edinger, who was just terrible in Chicago, made 2 nice field goals. Moore redeemed himself by grabbing a short dump pass and scrambling in for the second TD of the game, and all of a sudden we were 20-17.

With less than a minute, Brett Favre got the Pack within field goal range, and Longwell made good, tying it. A very nice return to about the 35 gave the Vikings one last shot, with 24 seconds to march. March they did, with another series of short to mid passes. The last of these was just a heads up play to Robinson, setting up a 56 yard field goal for Paul Edinger: his longest this season was 53, and he had two in his career of 54. BAM! split through the uprights, time runs out, and the vikings win 23-20.

The game ball here could easily go to the O Line. After the half they kept Culpepper from being sacked, controlled the line of scrimmage, and getting pepp off for 228 passing, and going FG, TD, FG, TD, FG through all the drives in teh second half. It could easily go to the defense, as well, who allowed only 45 yards rushing.

And dammit, I want to give it to Daunte Culpepper for taking all teh shit the media has given him about missing Moss (whose raiders are also 2-4). But it really goes to Mewelde Moore. Every single time we needed a play, that guy got us one. He established the run early on, and then came back to Pepp for short catches every time he was in trouble. I even saw him blocking ou there. He went over 100 all purpose yards, and we have only lost once when that happens. He also scored his first NFL touchdown.

Now, I am not saying all the problems are fixed. What I am saying is we took advantage of an ailing team and got some things together. We played three qaurters of very good football, without mistakes. If we can build on that, we will look more like the team we are on paper, and can start winning more games.

Until then, I will keep on watching and keep on posting.

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