Tuesday, November 01, 2005


century, my body is slowing down. I had a few drinks on Thursday, to shut down a bar we have went to since we were old enough to drink. The bar serves micro brews, and usually that means the next day you get gut rot. Well, I went drinking Saturday, too. So I had gut rot until yesterday. Sad. I used to (in college) be able to go on a week long bender and not be the worse for wear.

In other news, basketball season has finally started. The T Wolves open tomorrow, but I will watch one of the two games tonight, just because they are the opening games. Basketball, in my opinion, is the most refined of the professional sports, and the most entertaining.

In other other news, Halloween was cute. My clients handed out candy, and it was cool to watch them interacting with strangers. They all did such a good job. Sometimes, I really like what I do.

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