Saturday, November 19, 2005


A thanks to Sean for pointing this out.

Now on to the news.

Here is an article explaining how Iraq DOES or DID have WMDs, and Bush was right, and everyone who has lambasted him is sort of an ass. I am, of course, paraphrasing.

It might be important to note that "The Vanguard" is about as right as Rush Limbaugh, so they may just have an agenda. That being said, I decided to dig on my own.

I started at the UNMOVIC website. God bless the web, they had the last briefing on Iraq available by download and adobe. It is a bit long, so I won't go into the detail, but it actually supports the article, and says "yeah, dude, we found us some interesting shit" OK, so it doesn't say it LIKE THAT, but really, it says it. I couldn't link to it, so just follow the link to UNMOVIC and see for yourself.

What does all this mean? Well, for one, it means George Bush might not be the idiot or asshole everyone wants to think he is. For two, it might mean I know A LOT of people who owe him a great big kiss on the ass.

Pucker Up, America!

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