Friday, November 18, 2005


That's my new word for the smut peddling, irresponsible "journalism" that has finally permeated the sports world.

Trade rumors have always been speculation, and management was always careful to point that out. Most of what was said in ESPN or in the sports section of local papers was fact. Now, in the age of "reality" TV and rating wars, sports has bought a front row ticket.

Will Kevin Garnett be traded? We have heard these rumors for about 8 years no (just about when the T Wolves went one and done in the playoffs) That he is the most versatile player cannot be denied. That he needs help to win a championship cannot be denied. It follows that if the Timberwolves cannot get him this help, he could walk. Of course, in 11 years of coming close, he has NEVER ONCE stated he wants to play ANYWHERE ELSE, the rumors still swirl.

And I take them. Who the hell cares what writers get paid to write. Except now, they are stirring up controversy over nothing. Here's a quote from the star Tribune:

Garnett, who always has handled his contract talks in the offseason, was critical of management in the interview for failing to do that with Cassell and Sprewell, both of whom were seeking contract extensions. "It should have been done in the summertime so when September got here, it was all about basketball," he said. "We're not going to re-sign you, we're going to re-sign you, OK, cool, end of discussion. ... The dialogue was just trashy. ... That set the tone for the whole year."

Notice the last line The dialogue was just trashy. ... That set the tone for the whole year."

Sort of makes it look like he is poking at the franchise, there.

Here is what he actually said:

"The dialogue was just trashy, just trashy dialogue," Garnett told TNT. "Now, Sam wants one thing, organization wants one thing. Sam takes it off and says he's not coming to camp, and that set the tone for the whole year. Now you got the organization saying it's Sam's fault, it's Spree's fault Â? Flip's fault, Kevin's fault, Kevin Garnett's fault. You know what? It's everybody (expletive) fault. No one person looked themselves in the mirror."

Hmm, a whole different message there, no? But you cannot run the headline "KG Criticizes Management" With the real quote.

We will, in the end of days, know what actually went on behind the scenes if he gets traded or if he stays. Certainly no one would fault him for requesting a trade: this current Timberwolves team has a lot of questions, and in 11 seasons the best player on the planet has not seen the finals. But until I hear it from the horses mouth, and more importantly, until SPORTS WRITERS HERE IT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH, we all need to end the speculation. Worry about this season. Win some games.

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