Wednesday, November 02, 2005


because I finally received, via the wonderful people at WOOT! my sushi making kit. It also came with serving dishes, sashimi molds, double layer molds, and, to my surprise, 4 sets of pretty high quality chopsticks. They looked like throw away ones in the picture, but they are actually quite nice, if a little plain.

In addition, it cane with a sushi cookbook. Can you really call it a cookbook when you hardly cook anything to make sushi? Well, a cookbook we shall call it, because a recipe book is for grandmothers.

I made maki (roll) tomaki (handroll) and nagiri (that's a lump of fish on a lump of rice). The main ingredient tonight was seared salmon with apricot sauce.
**I am quite proud of the sauce, actually. It turned out EXACTLY as I remembered it tasting at OYSY and I puzzled out the ingredients myself**

The salmon is sitting a little odd in my stomach, but I think it is because I just read about freshwater vs. Saltwater salmon. See, the salmon we get at our local deli is freshwater, and almost always carries a parasite. That means you have to be a bit more careful handling it and you have to cook it before eating it. Saltwater fish, generally, do not have parasites. So you can eat them raw (sashimi). Of course, I seared my fish, but I still had to try a bit raw, just to see. Now for the next two days I will wonder if I have a stomach virus or if I am a paranoid idiot (though excluding the virus does not exclude the idiocy)


The Timberwolves play the season opener against Portland tonight. You can all bet I will be posting long and hard on that one tomorrow. Also, I am planning on watching the Jacket again tonight, so I can post about plausible endings and angry moviegoers on BADMOVIEREVIEWS tomorrow. I basically write these things here so I will feel obligated to actually do them. Still, it's 50/50.

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