Sunday, December 18, 2005


of you give a good God damn, but I had to write all this down, because nights like this are few and far between. I just had probably the best basketball night of my life. Yup, at the rec center, no less.

I started out warming up shooting the lights out. I ama hit or miss three shooter, and I was definitely hitting tonight. At one point people just started shagging balls for me to see how many (13) I could hit in a row. It really was that kind of night.

So we sqaured off and played four games to 15. That's ones and twos, so it is a lot like playing a full four quarter basketball game. I didn't want to play much inside, so I decided to take the point. We won three of the four games, let me start by telling you, and I was AWESOME. I have not played in over a year, organized, I don't think, so it was great to just be out there. But I had 16 points, 8 assists. Yeah. In a rec game, that has to be a 20-10 night. In fact, by ones and twos, it is more like a 30-12 night. I also grabbed four boards and two steals. I only turned the ball over twice. Both were my fault.

The thing of it is, it wasn't just the stats. And yes, I do keep stats on myself. I couldn't tell you my shooting %, but everything else was great. (I think I shot well, too, but in a pickup game, A LOT of shots go up). But it wasn;t just the stats. My legs felt good, I was jumping well with my shot, and I was SEEING people. That has always been a problem for me, and I thought it would only get worse without play. But I was recognizing passing lanes, watching them form before they were there. I was playing with people who had just whipped me two-three years ago, and they knew who I was, and I still took it to them.

Really, this is all just bragging, but it was such a high for me, I just had to let it out. Thanks for reading.

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