Friday, December 02, 2005

On November 17th

I wrote about a mouse in our house. We thought we had gotten rid of it, but we had only wounded it, physically and emotionally. It wanted back in our house at all costs.

So I went out and bought mouse poison, and a big ole' run through trap that catches them live. It has a window, too, so I could finally see my quarry. Guess what, not a mouse at all.

Nope. It was a mole. Not the cool CIA one, either. Just a stupid, blind as shit, wanting to dig a tunnel somewhere in my house while looking for food, mole.

So we caught it, and released it about 10 miles away on a nature trail.


We bought an X mas tree yesterday. That sort of starts the season for me. Today I think I am going ot go out and get another gift for Carly and some wrapping paper, in case the good gift finally arrives in the mail. I just want a lot of presents under the tree.

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