Thursday, January 26, 2006


Not to pat my own back (ok, just a little) but I think I may be the only one posting about this so far. Perhaps it is just rumor, or perhaps I ACTUALLY got a scoop, but the Timberwolves just made a pretty big trade.

The big deal is Wally Sczcerbiak to Boston for Ricky Davis. The other part of this is Olowokandi for Blount, and a couple other minor players.

The head to head on this thing is just vexing. I have no idea who got the better of this deal, or if I like it.

On paper, we are talking about some similar guys. Wally scores 20.4, Ricky 19.9. Wally Grabs 4.5 boards, Ricky 4.8, Wally has three less assists per game, though, and about 3/4 a steal less, which is huge. However, Ricky turns the ball over almost 1 more time a game, and shoots about 4.5% worse from the field, and 10% less from the line.

The upside for the Wolves (my team, and all I care about) is Ricky can create for himself, has a VERY quick first step, can jump out of the building, and will give you solid minutes every night, even if he isn't scoring. The bad news is we are losing our most consistent, if not creative, scorer for one who is a bit (and really, just a bit) more erratic.

Teh big man part of the trade is a wash. They both get about the same minutes, and Blount scores about double the points. he doesn't rebound well, though, especially for a 7 footer, and we will miss the extra 1.5 boards a night, I guarantee it. He also cannot block shots as well, although the statistics say otherwise. He, like his shooting guard counterpart in this trade, is a bit turnover prone. He won't foul out, though, like Kandi is wont to do.

We are losing an intriguing prospect in Dwayne Jones, who is a very passable young Center. We cannot, however, wait around for him to develop.

I guess if I have to rate this trade, I give it a B-. It is an upgrade, I think, because of the dynamic scoring, but JUST barely. We really did have to give up a lot for it, and I was just starting to like where Wally was going as a player. I thought he worked hard these last few years on the worse parts of his game, and he was at an age where he was starting to hit his stride. So, too, though is Ricky Davis. Maybe our bench got a bit stonger, too, but it is hard to tell without seeing them play.

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