Sunday, January 08, 2006


It was lucky, or perhaps fortunate, for me that I found this post while looking throughout the daily news sources. Had I not, I may have posted about the naked party I had two nights ago with a coworker, a good friend, someone I just met, and my fiance. No one would want to hear about that. Or see the pictures.

So what the fuck is wrong with society today? JUST, and I think that's true, because Shalit decided to write a bad review of "Brokeback mountain", GLAAD is after him. EVERYONE is scared to write a defamitory review of a movie with minorities, unless it is a black comedy. And gay films win awards by default. And I hate it.

And, I think, the Gay crowd should, too. Has anyone ever actually watched Will and Grace? It's like watching Roots, if Kunta was played by Chris Rock, "Nigga, I ain't no fucking house nigga, nigga" The stereotyped characters are without life or function, and people laugh, nervously, for fear of being found lacking some specific "gay liking" gene.

Listen, I know a few gay guys. I love one of them like a brother, he is truly a great guy. Incidentally, we are working on converting him (I am kidding). And there is another I just cannot stand. Turns out who you fuck has nothing to do with how you act. Weird.

And at what point do the organizations appear foolish? The whole idea behind GLAAD is to lend a voice to speak freely for the Gay and Lesbian community. But that same free speech allows Gene Shalit the opportunity to speak out against them, if he chooses (I DON'T think that is what he was doing, though).

And, though I don't feel if we don't talk about it it will go away, I do feel that in this case not all press is good press. It makes a community already vulnerable to false impressions look more vulnerable, weak, and tired.

Now, wasn't that better than naked pictures?

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