Monday, February 06, 2006


Someone from Indiana just commented on my last post that I was not helping them find Midwest sports. Now, for some time I wrote about sports on this blog, and I was writing to myself. Because I like feedback, I switched over to more "bloggy" stuff, like my life, and only now and again post about sports.

However, now that "Roxie" and her friend "Me" have asked for it, and assuming they will be back, I give you my SUPERBOWL REVIEW!

It sucked.

But I digress.

No, seriously, folks, this was one lousy Superbowl. I wanted the Steelers to win, but instead all they did was NOT LOSE. Follow me on this one.

The Seahawks actually played the better game. The refs, and we know how they can be, took this one away from them.

I will start with the sketchy call. Ben Rothliesberger ran the ball in for a TD. The thing is, the replays don't show the BALL crossing the plane. Doesn't matter if he threw his head in there, I don't think the ball made it in.

But you can rebound from that, and the Hawks did. The pass to Stevens was called back because of a hold even JOHN MADDEN says didn't happen. And he's old! And Al Michaels secretly controls him by remote control. He STILL saw it was a non call, at best. The blocker called for it, Sean Locklear, did NOTHING wrong. He had his arms inside the pads, and was not holding in any way. He did not ride him to the ground. Nothing.

Even worse, though, was the offensive pass interference call on Darrell Jackson. The two players were hand checking each other before the ball hit the air, and no separation was created by extending his arm (which was being held).

In all, ten penalties were accepted (quite a bit more called) and 7 of those were against Seattle. Seattle lost 70 yards on those penalties, and another 90+ish on plays called back.

And the truth is, as much as I was a fan of Big Ben, he STUNK IT UP. I mean, 123 yards on 9-21 with two picks is NOT superbowl quarterbacking. Antwaan Randel El looked like a better QB (let's not start THAT talk, Kordell Stewart will tell you it's a bad idea). Hasselback, on the other hand, handled himself very well, and until the end, when the clock was mismanaged, was the Superbowl MVP.

Speaking of which, how in the world does Hines Ward get it? Randle El had the better of that great play, and Jerome Bus Bettis was the sentimental Favorite. Hell, Parker's run was the tide turner, give it to him. It just seemed like a stat race, instead of who was actually most valuable to the team.


The timberwolves are still mediocre. I think the trade helps, and once the guys get on the same page we will look better. However, that may not happen until next year. I don't think we can afford to have Marcus Banks, as good as he MIGHT become, running our offense when three of the other four guys on the floor don't yet know it.

That being said, I think it is time we entertain trading Jaric or Hudson. Jaric, if he will move to SF or SG will still be an asset to our club, I am just not sure he is willing to do that. If not, he is too much of a liability defending quicker players, and his tempo just doesn't match our team. Hudson, on the other hand, has no worth for us. He is streaky, and turnover prone. Someone will want him off the bench to score, but we can't trust him.

Right now we have team speed, and that will help us beat bad teams. We do not have any team concept, though, and that is what's keeping us from winning against quality clubs.

...If Favre stays with the Packers, it will be a mistake all around. The guy has always been able to keep the turnovers down when they mattered, and take risks when he could. Last year he had his worst season statistically, passer rating, and interceptions (29). He is getting less mobile, some of the zip is off his fast ball, and his receiver core is too young and too sporadic to help him when he throws up the risky prayers.

Right now he is hurting his team by not telling them whether he will be back or not.

If he DOES stay, look for Minnesota to lead the division next year, provided Dante Culpepper rehabs properly. The bears will keep going with Rex Grossman, whose potential is hurting their squad, and Detroit will have a rookie QB.

It will be:

Bears 8-8
Green Bay 8-8
Detroit 4-12

How's THAT for an early prediction?

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