Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I have a fascination with blogs from the NBA. I started awhile back by reading Mark Cuban's blog. He is, of course, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. The problem was he didn't write too damned much about the NBA (much like me, now), and spent a lot of time trying to convince his readers he was Donald Trump (that was a bit harsh, but I think there is a ring of truth to it).

Lately, I have been reading Paul Shirley's blog (linked on sidebar). Not only is he a good writer, but he is in the unique position of being an ex-nba player trying to get back into the nba. And he is candid, and honest, even with himself. I don't think I have seen him make an excuse for himself yet. That is refreshing. It helps, too, that he is funny.

And just this morning I found Mark Madsen's blog. He had one on NBA.com, but this is his personal blog. And to me, it is much more interesting. I think he has the freedom there to write what he wants.

I sent him a message asking if I could link to his blog on my sidebar, we will see if he replies. It would be very cool to get an email from an NBA player! (I know, but I am still a kid at heart).

I am not sure if many people who follow the NBA know or don't know this, but Mark is a Mormon. It seems to me that shapes his outlook on the NBA and life, and he is always positive and nice. I had the pleasure of befriending many of the missionaries in our town, and forged a great friendship with one. They are helpful, friendly, and genuine to a fault. Oddly enough, every single one of them was a basketball player, too.

Of course, Mark reminds me of those guys, and how much a really miss them. It is almost like summer camp, the way you meet someone, get to be friends, and then they have to leave. You try to write, or you try to try to write, but eventually, they all sort of fade away. Sad.

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