Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Now, listen, I don't usually have much civic pride. Mostly because our town has nothing to be proud OF, but partially because I hate Bemidji, snow, and BSU. Maybe not in that order.

But I tell you what, I have a lot of national pride (yes, even now). I LOVE the Olympic Games, and I try to watch as much of the events as I can.

And now, those two things are coming together. That's right, folks! Two different curling stories from Bemidji in one day!

The first, and I think, the cooler of the two (pardon the winter games pun), is this guy, Scott Baird. He is the oldest winter Olympian in winter games history, at age 54. And guess what, he is from right here in Bemidji. I have actually played Bastetball at the rec with an Olympian! So what if he wasn;t a basketball Olympian, it's still pretty cool.

Secondly, the U.S. Women's curling team is from Bemidji, as well. Damn right, the whole damned team. You can check them out here.

So maybe we won't have the next hall of famer. Hell, neither of these teams are even expected to place at the games. But it is still cool knowing Bemidji is the capital of America. Even if it is curling.

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