Thursday, February 23, 2006


being a Timberwolves fan these days. I sort of feel like the battered wife, "Oh, you don't know the guys like I do...They mean well, they just blow the lead in the forth quarter because they love me."

And since it is so hard to watch them...I MEAN WHO STARTS A GAME 32 TO 15 AND LOSES!!! Sorry, sometimes I lose my composure...I have been perusing the other sports.

Tiger Woods: Now there's a guy you can admire. See, I stuck with him through his "dry spell" When he wasn't winning EVERYTHING, just half of everything. The man is the best. So when some damned nobody (Stephen Ames) makes an offhanded comment about Tiger's fairway accuracy,

"Anything can happen," Ames said, breaking into a big smile. "Especially where he's hitting the ball."

Tiger has to show why he is the best. How about beating him in match play 9 and 8.
Fo rthose of you who don;t know golf, match play works simply like this. Each golfer takes a whack at the hole. The guy who scores lowest on that hole gets a point, and one ups the guy he is playing against. Then, when it is statistically impossible for the other guy to come back, the match is over. The score is listed first, and the number of holes listed next. Tiger was 9 up on Ames with 8 holes left. That is one hole away from a statistically perfect game. It is also a record for match play events.

But that's not the best part. Oh, no! During the interview, the first question asked was, "Did you hear the comments made by ..." Tiger cut the guy off. "Yeah, I heard them." "How did you respond?"

Said Tiger, simply:

"9 and 8"

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