Wednesday, February 15, 2006


So we beat a mediocre team. I guess, given the way we have been playing, I would say that's cause enough to celebrate. Still, that's tempered by our 1-4 road stand. Does anyone else feel like a Chicago cubs fan?

Here are the things that stand out in the last two games: Ball movement and rebounding. I know we lost to Toronto, but as "GH" over at KG4MVP points out, we played one hell of a game, and Toronto just had one hell of a shooting night. If we played that game 9 more times, we would be 9-1 against Toronto.

Anyway, that's all spilt milk, so let's look at Tonight's game. Seattle is a ball club in flux, but dammit, so are we, so I am going to call it a wash and just look at what happened.

We outrebounded them 43-32. That's pretty good. KG had 15, (he is averaging 19 in the last four) and Blount gave 8 (which is a good night for him). But the good news is 25 assists on 34 made shots. Someone pointed out that assists only matter when the shot is made(well, yeah, that's how an assist works, buddy), but that means good ball movement. With all our fast break points, that means most of the shots were off ball rotation. How many times did everyone on the court touch the ball? It was a good night. It really makes the game easier when you pass the ball three times. We all learned that in HS basketball, and it still holds true. Check out the phoenix Suns if you don't agree.

I have to say, this could be us playing a mediocre team (or two) but it could be the guys getting burn together. The next three games after the all star break will tell us all we need to know about our team.

And I have to say I am sorry to Rashad McCants. I have been down on him all year long. I think I figured out what I am doing wrong. He is a rookie, and I am judging him on potential. For a bench player, he is actually doing very well for us. The flashes, and the teases, make us think he should be better RIGHT NOW, but he IS a rookie, and he WILL make mistakes. Growing pains, I guess.

I still think we have a shot at the playoffs: our division is that weak. We will see, though, soon, what to make of this team.

Oh, and a shout out to MNWOLVES Blog for adding me to the blog roll. Thanks.

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