Tuesday, February 21, 2006


JESUS! I thought all those left winged zealots were just blowing smoke about Alito and Bush. Little did I know that, only a few short weeks after being appointed, Alito and pals will be looking at the abortion laws.

What does this mean? Well, if the guy goes against everythign he says and JUST votes with his heart (or with his religion), then it will mark the very first national ban on abortion since Roe v Wade made abortions legal.

But this is a tough position for Alito, too. Think this through. If he does uphold the ban, and does so because of his interpretation of the law, will people still think it is based on his past? Of course they will. So if he votes it down, and still thinks it is upheld by the law, he will be a failure as a Supreme Court Justice. He will get smalled for that, too. The only possible solution, and one that will STILL get him grief, is he finds it unconstitutional to ban late trimester abortions, and votes it down.

Sort of a shitty situation for Alito. You know what, though, this is a shitty situation for America, too. It turns out we have talked abotu this issue before, and past Supreme Court Justices have ruled. The case should be put to bed by now. Re-opening prion Supreme Court rulings is a can of worms that cannot be closed. That is supposed to be the highest court in the nation, whose rulings are unquestionable, if not unquestioned. If we keep rehashing old cases, that idea is in jeopardy, and laws will be at risk.

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