Friday, February 03, 2006


OK, I actually have thought about hiring a personal trainer. I got two free sessions with him, sort of as a test drive, and I have to say, his methods work. Both days after the work outs, I was sore, in a good way.

But here's the thing: I am essentially paying for something my best friend, were he here, has done and would be doing, for free. That is motivate my tired ass to do 3 more reps, or go 15 more minutes, or what have you. SO I get a stranger, who knows what he is talking about, charging me money to keep me on track.

My friend, who also knows what he is talking about (Calm down, Mike, I JUST mean when it comes to working out), would probably not charge me more than a few beers at the bar, and wouldn't make me address him as "coach" OK, maybe he would. But only when we were alone, and that's a whole other story.

But the deal is phenomenal. I would be paying about 35 bucks an hour for this guy. He was the BSU strength and conditioning coach, and I have seen the results he got from a certain, now out of the program, freshman. That kid lost 40 pounds and put on muscle in the process. If I could lose ten pounds and add muscle, before June, I would be happy.

But on the other-other hand, I am not sure I am one of those "I have a personal trainer" type of guys. I lost the High school weight by myself. I added at least two inches to my biceps by myself. I lost the ten pounds I thought winter had given me by myself.

Ehhhh. Who knows. I told him I would give it a week, and then tell him if he was hired. If nothing else, that buys me time to see what I can do (and how I feel) on my own.

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