Sunday, February 12, 2006


they make me cry. The third quarter is like a fat chick at a disco: we just keep turning it off.

Anyway, I was goin gto write an in depth analysis of what is going wrong, but I reall think it would be beating a dead horse. We don;t have a true point guard, and our team doesn't play well together.

So instead, I am going to talk about my vacation.

We decided to go to Seattle/Portland. I have a frined in Lincoln City, right on the beach, so we are staying with him. We will be gone one week (ish), and it should be amazing. Already we have planned climbing (I used to be a climbing instructor, and so was he) And hiking in the mountains, and a lot of sight seeing/judging different locations.

I already want to move out there, sight unseen. Far enough form the earthquakes. Rain doesn't botehr me (I still bike in the rain), and snow only when you want to go visit it in the altitude.

Plus, Carly is a net tech, and technology lives in the west, not in the north.

Anyway, since no one suggested it, no one gets the t-shirt. Better luck next time.

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