Monday, February 20, 2006


Because blogger is choosing not to show my most recent post in my "edit posts" section, I am just going to edit it here, and you can fill it in on your own (you are that bright, after all).

I said, about Michael Jordan, he has the ability to walk into a rooom, and people will hold their breath until he speaks. Well, you might have thought I was just slurping on him (sean), but you would be dead wrong. Take this accounting by Bill Simmons, of espn.com's page 2:

At Baron Davis' and Paul Pierce's Eight-Ball Challenge (held at Jillian's on Thursday night), my friend Rich and I were hanging out on a not-so-crowded cigar patio to smoke stogies and ensure bad breath for the rest of the night. So we're hanging out, it's mellow, we're talking about NBA stuff ... and suddenly, Oakley saunters through the doorway, followed by a human tornado of people, with Michael Jordan and his posse at the epicenter.

Well, here's what happens when MJ enters a room: Everything stops. It feels like a movie scene. And no matter how you felt about the party in the time leading up to The Moment, the party moves from (fill in the grade) to a solid A-plus. It's as though MJ's presence validates the entire party, no matter how bad it was. Anyway, MJ walks in, glances around, puffs on his cigar for a few seconds, then trades barbs with Oak while pretending there aren't 25 people packed around him, snapping pictures with their cell phone cameras. Ninety seconds later, they had enough. Time for a new room. And just like that, they were gone. As Rich said later, it was like a "gust of wind." MJ was the gust, everyone else was the twigs, leaves and branches flying around. Suddenly, the patio was mellow again.

(Note: I don't get fazed by celebrities anymore. Really, I don't. But when MJ enters a room, it's a moment, and nobody can tell me differently. By the way, we're not done with him yet.)

Bill Simmons covered MJ for most of his career, and he STILL gets that way.

The guy (not Bill, sorry) is amazing. He is "I should have my own ben and jerry's ice cream flavor" amazing.

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