Friday, March 31, 2006


ok, here it is, another rant about the nature of blogging and the internet. Today's topic: humo(u)r.

Here's the problem: everyone on the net thinks they have it, when few do, and then accuse everyone else of not having it, regardless of the level of humor they display.

An example: Alex, over at Non Compos recently "lampooned" some thirty something blogger woman. Really, as Alex is wont to do, the post was a call for women to fight each other with little or no clothing (at least, that's what I got out of it) and was only superficially about the woman's blog. Really, the idea was to rail on women who think they are tough, and aren't, and to point out that the reason for this might be they, unlike men who claim the same, don;t have to back up the claim.

Of course, the woman is an idiot, and didn't get this, at all. So she decided to whine about it. In doing so, she dug a bigger hole. Now she has a big hole, and what woman wants that? And then the comments came: from her readers and from Alex's readers. Of course, her readers defended her, and his attacked her. What she failed to see was that most (if not all) of Alex's readers are sarcastic assholes. We sort of pride ourselves on it (I know I do). Most of Alex's blog is set that way. She really should have seen this coming.

Instead, she decided to sling quippy little sayings like " I think a bad-ass is someone who marches to the beat of their own drum, someone who sets their own path in life and is not afraid to say what they think and take the heat for it. " and "A true Bad-Ass let's others be themselves and looks for the roads traveled in the past.
" Which was just more fuel for the fire.

And through all this, she STILL didn't see the humor. In fact, she didn't "see" it until Alex stopped by himself, left a nice, cutesy little note, and gave her the room to backpedal (which she did).

What's the point of all this? It's funny, that's what. Just. Plain. Funny. It also means I have added Alex to the blogroll. It's not a call to arms, its not damnation, its nothing at all serious or strong. In fact, most of the shit that pisses people off on the net probably isn't meant that way. I mean, it takes one big ole jug of vanity to think people actually care enough about you personally to go through the trouble to attack you in such a way. More likely, they are just making an offhanded, off the cuff remark. It also means I have added Alex to the blogroll.

It's a computer screen, not a mirror.

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