Friday, March 31, 2006


I can hardly call it a trip.

Anyway, I am going to the Portland area tomorrow. The idea is to visit one of my greatest friends, and to look at a potential place to live.

The friend thing sort of needs no explanation, but I will give one, anyway. His name is Adam, and we have known each other since second grade. The cool thing about Adam is he is into the same things I am: biking, hiking, climbing, working out, outdoors, mutual masturbation. You know, the key ingredients to a good friendship. And he lives in the Portland area. So not only is he a good friend, he lives in a place that appeals to me.

Beyond that, he is a stand up guy. He thinks before he speaks, enjoys life enough not to rip on everyone and everything (I am working on it, ok), and can have fun doing nothing. All A+ qualities.

Now, back to the moving. Everyone who has read this blog for more than a day knows how much I dislike Bemidji. And it's not just the location. Bemidji has come to embody everything horrible and wrong. From the thinking of most the people, to those people not having their tongues ripped out, to the unbearable weather, to the lack of jobs that don't make you feel like bringing a fully automatic weapon to work and killing everyone who looks at you funny, there is just nothing left here for me. Not enough, anyway.

So Carly and I have been talking about moving for some time, but really, we have not been serious. Rather, I have been serious and she has not. She, mostly, likes what Bemidji has to offer, and dislikes and distrusts change (probably why she hasn't dumped my ass for someone more deserving). But recently we have gotten over that hump, and started looking at places to live. We first thought of St. Cloud and Fargo, both for the jobs available, and the friends we have around the areas. The problem was they still have an average snowfall just shy of Alaska. (In fact, some parts of Alaska have less, sadly). So when Adam moved out to Lincoln City, OR, it just started to make sense.

But, we have been pretending for some time that we are grown up, so instead of just moving, we have to go "check the place out" first. To me, this is a formality, I am ready. At best, it is a sales trip, and Carly is the potential buyer. And she is already inclined to move anyway, so it's not a hard sell.

So we are going to go, check out the sites, look at apartments and houses, and interview for jobs. At the same time, we are going to find time to bike, hike, kayak, canoe, and beachcomb. It's a hard knock life, for us.

In advance, I will apologize for all the pictures I am going to post, and the gushy, mushy posts I will write about how much better there is than here. You are warned.

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