Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So, word ont he street is Scottie Pippen called Kevin Garnett "The most overrated player in the NBA" Now, before I prove he isn't, nor is he even on the top ten list, I am going to personally attack Mr. Pippen. I feel justified in this, not only as a fan of KG, but because I have always hated Scottie Pippen.

Scottie, you calling KG the most overrated player in the NBA is like Osama Bin Laden calling Ghandi the biggest terrorist in the world. Not only are you calling out one of the best players in the game, but you are calling him out in such a way as to echo what EVERYONE has said about you for the past twenty years. You were named to the 50 greatest players list ONLY because you played with Michael Jordan. You have rings on your fingers ONLY from when you played with Jordan. Your stats without Jordan are worse in every single catergory except minutes played. You constantly said you were better than Jordan, and NEVER proved it. No one ever mentions your name on the top ten of any list, except biggest whiners. You refused to go into a game at the end of regulation because yoru coach would not run the game winning play through you (he ran it, and it worked, without you on the floor, and the team won,, by the way). You were only a good defender because they let you play off the ball, help defence behind, you guessed it, Jordan. And you only scored because they threw three guys at MJ, and left you wide open (where you only made 47% of those open shots, and less than a third of your threes). In short, you owe EVERYTHING to one player, and as such constitute THE most overrated player in the NBA.

That being said, let's take a look at what KG did, on his own. First player draft out of highschool since Moses Malone. First player to average 20-10-5 since Wilt Chamberlain. Most double doubles four years in a row, Total rebound and scoring champ 2003, MVP all star 2002, MVP league 2003, 9 consecutive playoff appearances, defnsive first team 7 times, perrenial all star. What, in all that, makes him overrated. He is one of maybe three all stars that make good players on his team better, he lead the league in crunch time stats for the past three years (before this one), and he is still humble about where he is. I can name plenty of players who never won the big one, and are still underrated. Chief amonsgst them Karl Malone and John Stockton, during the Jazz era, and Charles Barkley. All three of them, it might be noted, were named to the same 50 greatest players list.

In fact, if you want overrated, let me give you a few names:

Shareef Abdur Raheem:

Averages 20ppg, NEVER been to the playoffs

Amare Staudemire:

Big Bully type player who muscles up during the regular season, pads his stats, and disappears during the playoffs.


See above. Never did anything without Kobe. Never did anything without Wade, worse stats every year for past three years, refs let him get away with murder.

Richard Jefferson

Good stats on bad teams.

Vince Carter

Fun to watch, great dunker, can't finish games, or win the big one.

That should fuel the fire, I think.

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