Sunday, May 14, 2006


1) I now, officially, dislike my job. This is a downgrade from temporary dissatisfaction earlier expressed. It is full time dislike. One step from hate, really.

The problem is this question: if our clients are allowed to act on impulse, and that impulse negatively effects the life of staff and other clients, and there is no repercussion for that action, what is to stop them from ruining their own quality of life? As a corollary, what, if anything, can we do to stop it?

The answers from my bosses were NOTHING and NOTHING. And, before you think I am blaming them, I am not. They have hands bound just the same as we do.

So, if this is the case, why keep bothering? I am not a status quo guy, and this is a status quo job.

2) I heard the most redamneddiculous statement the other day. Someone asked if I was excited for my wedding. That's dumb enough, though I understand it is meant as a jumping off point to talk about the wedding, and not an earnest inquiry. But, after an answer in the affirmative, they said, "yeah, it really changes everything."

That's stupid. It might just be why the divorce rate is so damned high. I mean, really, folks. We have lived together for almost four years now. We don't fight, we hardly argue, and we bicker mostly in jest. We love each other more each day, we express that easily and readily, and we communicate. What will a piece of court ordered paper possibly do to change that?

I think it is this expectation that is the downfall here, really, I do. People with problems think that a marriage will solve them, and when they find out it won't, they quit.

Our marriage will work because it will be the exact same after the wedding as it was before. Bet on it.

3) this study says fat kids don't work out because they get teased in school. I swear to fucking god, give them another reason. It's not like they don;t have enough excuses already, why not blame it on those mean old bullies.

I am not saying fat kids don't get bullied. Really, they do. I know. I spent a long time as a fat kid, and a long time as a bully, too. But you know what, cry me a fucking river. Kids are going to get teased for everything. You know what a healthy kid does, turns it into motivation, inspects himself, and moves the fuck on. You know what a healthy parent does, encourages that fat kid to get fit. Become involved, and prove those kids wrong, prove themselves wrong.

Unless your problem is medical, stop whining, get outside, and work the hell out. I know this sounds harsh, but it is the attitude in this and other reports that is allowing our kids the opportunity to be fat. Fatness, like any other social disease, is curable, if you focus on the problem, instead of all the symptoms of it.

OK, that's a good rant for a Sunday night. I feel better. Oh yeah, and I just got back from the gym, fatty!

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