Monday, May 01, 2006


Technology always gets my endophines a dancin', and today was no exception. Since my fiance was busy making our wedding invites with her sister all weekend, I left to hang out with friends. Upon my return, though, I found a new piece of tech in my room.

There it is, right next to the computer, our new all in one printer fax copy scanner toy. But this isn;t your mommas all in one, no, this one is sexy. Stainless steel finish, 3 inch LCD, card slots. It really does it all. This morning, I was a little tired, and it offered to make me coffee. Then it hugged me, told me I was a good person, and rubbed my feet.

So I am looking through the manual, and this thing really should do everything we want. It prints in 2400x4800dpi with 48 bit colors. With glossy paper, that looks great. I could fax things, if I could ever figure out winfax. Print phones right from the camera. Even crop them, edit the red eye.

So why, I ask, is all I can think about dropping my trow and sitting on this thing, and getting a high res copy of my ass?

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