Monday, June 26, 2006


So a lot has happened in the last few days, and some of it is worth chatting about:

First, I read over at Bil's Blog about friendship. The study he quoted goes double for me. Since college ended I have watched my friends move off to bigger and better, whilst I rotted in the land of boredom. Really, I feel blessed to have several "close" friends. But at the same time, they live in Oregon, Fargo, North Carolina, and the cities. I only have one left here, and he leaves for California all the damned time!

But I do it to myself, I think. I have a very high standard for people, and I tend to drive anyone away who dares disrupt my delicate sensibilities. Ehhh.

Second, my supervisor quit. Her boss, and subsequently my boss, is an asshole. She is a backstabber, a liar, and worse yet, she is one of those nice all the time people, who are just faking. She drove my supervisor, and friend, off. It has created quite a stir around here. Our OTHER boss is caught in the middle: liking to say what she means, means saying enough to offend just about everyone involved. But I stand by her, and against the other, because she is honest. Everyone always adds "to a fault" to that statement, but I cannot find fault in speaking the truth. In fact, it should be commended, as she spoke it KNOWING it would not sit well with everyone. Good for you, Laurie. Shame on you, Linda. When I get back, I have some very big decisions to make.

Part of that, too, is the NEW supervisor. She is actually the old supervisor. The one I replaced for having a mental breakdown. She is a Linda clone, to put it gently. She is a whiner, and a gossiper, and worst of all, an idiot. She does not think things through, and goes off with half a plan all the time. She does not listen to other people's ideas, unless they already mesh with her own. And she CANNOT handle confrontation (leading to her first breakdown). Worst of all, she has already decided she hates me, and nothing I say is worth her time. Not a great work environment. If she were a man, boss or no, I would have already punched her out. Seriously.

But all of that pales for the next good news items. I will start with the small one: I got my motorcycle permit today. The test was sickeningly easy. I got one question wrong, though, about driving in which portion of the lane when being passed by a large vehicle. The answer to the "which part of the lane" questions is always middle. I thought I would move over for the big fella'. Anyway, step one to owning a bike is done, now.

But BIGGER, of course, is the wedding! I leave for the cities tomorrow. We fly out (early) the next day for 7 nights and 8 days in paradise (better known as Jamaica). During that time Carly Marie Walsh will undoubtedly make the biggest mistake of her life, and marry Joshua Paul Page. I will come back a happy man. She will come back a cautionary tale of college drunken dating. I kid, I kid. We were both drunk.

Honestly, though, I feel nothing but happiness as I get to spend this time, this most important time of my life, with friends and family. I will get to be surrounded by the ones I love as I enter into the most loving and lasting union of and for my life. Truly, I am blessed.

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