Sunday, June 04, 2006


Tomorrow I will probably post the first picture sequences from my climbing this year. I got some very good ones of the three of us in action, and the scenery is amazing. So stay tuned for that.

But right now, I just cannot do it. I am so pissed form the ride home. I got pulled over for speeding, which, technically I was. The ticket was 117 dollars, which legally is allowed. Here's the rub: I was going FOUR FUCKING MILES OVER THE SPEED LIMIT. And it wasn't a school zone, or hospital, or even a town. It was 64 in a 60. SIXTY FOUR IN A SIXTY!

Who the hell gets pulled over for four miles over? And who the hell gets 117 dollar fine for that very minor transgression?


Is this what speeding laws are really for? To overtax people who hardly speed? I don't want to hear ANY slippery slope arguments here, this is NOT a slippery slope. I understand that the limit is 60, but does hand eye or recognition actually change at 64, verses 60? If it does, I will gladly admit I was wrong, and you won't hear another peep out of me. Even though the fine is STILL excessive. But I just don't think it does, significantly, alter my ability or safety to be driving four miles over the suggested speed. It is almost accepted people will drive five over at any given speed, and certainly traffic moves, normally, at that speed. I was on a completely unpeopled road, with no traffic in either direction, and was very marginally speeding, and for that I am now 117 dollars lighter in the pocketbook.

I hope the cops get a steak dinner with that money. They really do a good job otherwise, and I forgot to pay in to the police fund this year. Enjoy, boys!

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