Thursday, June 15, 2006


So, it is 13 days until we land in Jamaica, the site of Carly's future biggest mistake. But ours will not be the first, or last, wedding of the season. Oh no. My good friend and former college roommate Spike kicked off our season by getting married to the lovely Libby.

You may remember the two of them from my posts on Chicago. They went with us. No? You didn't read that one? You only come here for the pictures? OK, well here they are:

This is them coming in to the reception hall. Don't they look cute? Yes.

And here are the rest of the crew, sans John, who could not be there. I must be saying something rather important. Maybe they listen because I am big.

We thought it would be funny to add our underwear to the Groom's car. I hope those weren't too old.

Josh truly is the Lord of the Dance. He was showing off this awesome move so much, the other two had to join in.

We tried to get Chad some play, but the pickings were slim. We told him she was pretty, but he had not had enough to drink to fully buy that one. Chad, and this chick, went their seperate ways. (I hear, though, Andrew got some, thoguh I have no photo evidence)

And it wasn't as if Chad wasn't drunk...just not drunk ENOUGH, I guess.

Here's just a cute picture of my fiance dancing with some little girl. She is getting less nervous around kids. Which is good, because I want a lot of free labor.

But in the end, the night was about Michael Patrick Sabotta and his new bride, Elizabeth. Though they both look tired, look at the happiness in their eyes. These two will be happy for the rest of their lives, and they deserve it.

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