Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I said I would post more about the wedding and Jamaica, and I will. But right now I have two things on my mind, I want to get out there.

One: I have been getting a lot of traffic from this guy's site about the dawes bicycle. I commend him for doing his research, and it seems he has nailed the fact that the bikes being sold on ebay are probably not from the British bike maker. Good for you, dude. Honestly, I thought they were. But, and I would have asked this personally, had you left an email address, who cares? Those bikes cost hundreds more, and have the same components. Most likely, as you even point out, the frames are made in the same factory. Who cares what logo they put on them. I stand by everything I said (I want it known he agreed with me and this is in no way a retaliation post to something negative he said--he said nothing negative about me at all), and I think the Dawes Lightning DLX is a good entry level bike with good entry level components found on other bikes that retail for hundreds more. I would still recommend, if you are just starting out on road bikes, you buy one.

All that being said, I still commend this guy for doing the digging. He didn't have to clear it up for people, and he did. Some people have brand loyalty, or want named bikes, and they should get that if they expect it. Now they won't. And ebay ought do something, because they ARE fraudulently using the names of other companies, and that is illegal. But again, it's still a hell of a deal if you don't care what name is on the bike.

TWO: Is this guy serious. He is suing Michael Jordan. For 837 MILLION DOLLARS. For, get this, looking like HIM. He is saying it causes him mental anguish to look like Michael Jordan, is suing him, and NIKE for promoting him.

You could start by not shaving your head. Or wearing AIR JORDANS, idiot. Or, you could just suck it up and say, "I should stop whining and ride this out" I bet you have, at least once, used it to get trim in a bar. Admit it. For that, you should be paying HIM.

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