Friday, July 21, 2006


to put up pictures of the wedding and Jamaica, once they were all processed and sent to me. They have been, so here goes: **warning, there are a lot of pictures here**

You would think we would be more exciting in Jamaica, but we just played a lot of chess. My record 4-0-1

But Chad was a good sport about it, and kept playing me, on bigger and bigger boards.

That game didn't turn out to well for him (I was pink).

After that we went swimming, and tried to pile ourselves on to an all too small platform. I wish we had pictures of THAT!

Something attracted me to this statue, but I couldn't quite put my finger on them...it. Yeah, I like art.

Can you believe Chad is still single?

Hey, that's us doing some kareoke.
I was kung-fu fightin'

We played A LOT of pool volleyball. This one was boys against girls. the hot one is my wife.

Boys won.

I don't have any idea who that dude is. But we climbed this. It was the most beautiful part of the island, besides getting married. Just look at that scenery. I don't have any idea who that dude is.

Here we are getting washed by the falls.

And this was just cute. Enough said.

But the trip was really about the wedding. I am going to post a few of my favorite pics later this weekend, so they will be on top instead of way down here. In the mean time, though, you can go here and watch a slideshow of ALL the wedding pics, set to music. COOL!

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