Sunday, July 30, 2006


My new job: I wanted to wait a week before I posted anything, sort of get a feel for what I was getting myself into. Well, it has been a week.

I tell you what, it sure ain't tard wranglin! Let me just start by saying that. The difference? I LIKE this job.

But seriously, folks, I'm here all week. Basically, this is the sort of job I have been looking for. I wanted to manage something, without getting a business degree. I wanted to be around sports. I wanted some damned responsibility.

The managing part is done. I am the manager. That was simple. I didn't need a business degree, but it helped that I was supervisor of a couple places first.

Being around sports means more than just selling epuipment. EVERYONE who comes into that store is a fan of something. I have spent seven years without a range of people to talk sports with. Now, it's my job. People will just come in and ask, "Did you see last night's game?" Damn right I did, and now, finally, I get to talk about it.

Responsibility is key, though. So far, the owner has been taking it slowly. He let me alone at the store for a couple hours, then a full day. I am doing some inventory stuff, and learning the behind the scenes stuff. I did a purchase. But more is coming. He is leaving for Chicago soon, and I will be in charge until I go to Chicago. While there, I will be ordering our boxing and weightlifting epuipment: those are already my departments. I have already started working with an employee to make him better, and soon I will be in charge of all of the part time guys.

But really, the key so far has been he trusts me, he asks for my opinion, he communicates, and he listens. And, really, he is a HE. Honestly, working for two females was rough. This guy is a guy's guy, and we are on the same wavelength. He doesn't want a long story, and we don't have to debate. It's this, then this, then that, the end. I like that.

In other news, Bil, I brought home the bike this weekend. I am now a rider, officially. I will be sure to post pictures very soon.

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