Monday, August 21, 2006


because I was asked not to.

So, I know it is easy to be a Tiger Woods fan. And it is easy for me to say I was a fan during his struggles, when he was (once again) reinventing his swing. That doesn't mean it's not true, it just is easy to say.

But the guy has now won his 12th major. He is also 12-0 at the majors when he leads entering the final round. 21-0 when he leads entering the final round at ANY event.

Jack Nickolas has 18 career major wins. Tiger has played golf less than half the amount Jack has. He is 2/3 the way there.

But the way he does it is so fucking spectacular. He is methodical. He is calculating. He knew if he redid his swing he could win on any course at any time. He saw that the field was catching his length, so he outdid them on the greens. When his putter was not working, he won with his short game. He went through the masters hitting only one driver in four days.

No one can predict the future. But we have seen "rivals" come and go, and Tiger still sits atop the leaderboard. Vijay tried to outpace him, and fained. Mickelson tried to outthink him, and failed. Old or young, foreign or domestic, no one can play with Tiger. He is the best.


I went caching in Moorhead. Took my nephew, my sister, and my friend (whom my sister is dating). We found four caches before my nephew's little legs gave out on him. Really, though, my sister was not far behind. Still, four caches and about as many miles hiked is not bad for one day.


I fully expect to put an offer on that house today. Then it is just a big stack of paperwork, some waiting, signing, and more waiting, and maybe we will have a place to call our own.


My sister in law is getting married. We will be staying in Stillwater for the wedding. That measn one more trip to Taylor's Falls for climbing this season. I will have pictures posted, and hopefully some of them will be top view (I know you are all sick of staring at my ass).

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