Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I think I rebelled against that silly game I entered. I am just not an everyday-posting kind of guy. And my life has been busy.

First, I have to say it was cool seeing Bil on TV. What a beautiful home you have. And what a carefully manicured head.

And speaking of which, we are sort of at a stand still on our home buying. Right now we are in the income verification stage. From the sounds of it, that's the last stage before approval. And our income is what we say it is, so no worries there. Of course, that still leaves three other post purchase stages that can go wrong before we can actually own the home. We are out of the woods, but in the thick brush.

The wedding I attended went surprisingly well. Unfortunately, the in-laws heard my plans to skip the reception, and they thwarted them. At least three different people asked, "Josh is staying for the reception, right?" But it turned out to be a good time. I met a couple almost exactly like us: right down to the climbing and biking. Hopefully we will see them again.

Climbing was an awesome day of failure. Chad and I really pushed ourselves and went after some big routes. Which meant big mistakes, and big rewards. We didn't even try anything under a 5.7, and the hardest was a 5.11 (which neither of us completed). The truth is, though, I feel closer to where I want to be after a day of failing than I have all the other times we have went out. Climbs work on a crux, or hardest move, and we were right in those moves. Once, I even had the move down, had my hand around it, and just slipped. I was RIGHT there. A couple more times out and we will have those.

And Chad is proving to be an excellent student of the game. He set his first top rope, and it was dead on. And his strength and natural athleticism will quickly vault him over my ability. It is nice having someone out there already pushing me.

I also had my last day of working for the bitch. It is a nice feeling to see 11 o clock roll around and not have to run home, glass slippers falling off, so I can go be a scullery maid for a bunch of retards, and the clients they house. I am still an early to bed guy, but now it is my choosing, and if I do want a night out, I can take it.

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