Monday, September 11, 2006


Maybe I am getting cynical in my old age. Something about last night's programming, and the scant few I have seen this morning, sticks in my craw. I cannot shake the feeling that we are being duped, and we are doing the duping ourselves.

For 364 days we reel against everything our culture offers. Just look through some random blog pages, and you will find no end to the USA hating rhetoric. But not on this day, no. On this day everyone wants to remember our heroes, our fallen, and a spot in our past we cannot forget.

And rightfully so, it should be this day. That is was a tragedy unlike any on American soil there is no doubt. But this thing should not unite us for a day.

I am reminded of so many funerals. Family meets, to share grief and love, and then leave. The rest of the year they hardly talk, except to say how uncle so and so is messing up, or how the new wife of whomever is such a whatever. That it takes such a tragedy to bring us together is equally tragic.

Try posting your patriotism on April 11th, or October 5th. Or try saying what you feel this day.

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