Friday, September 29, 2006


to be more of a photo post. For those of you not paying attention, we just moved in to a new house. We aren't fully moved in yet: I still need to get my weight equipment from the other place; we still have some painting to do; and we have to unpack A LOT. But already it feels like home, and we are happy we (finally) made the decision.

Before we could even get approved, we had to repaint an old shed. Here it is, all old and nasty (and covered in lead paint)

And here is the new version, mini-barn style.

The other big painting project was the living room. White is a horrible color for a big room, and this white paint was old and dirty, as seen here.

The new living room is burgundy. It looks like an english study, or a really classy bordello.

Here is the outside of the house

And Back

As promised, when we bought a new house, we could finally get a dog. This is Boscoe, a Stafordshire Bull Terrier. He's about 70% paper trained already, but he still leaves some pee when we leave the house. Beyond that, he is one awesome puppy.

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