Thursday, November 16, 2006


That's today's theme. Let me elaborate.

KG costs too much. Look, he is worth every penny, but we cannot build a winning team around him in this league. Good players cost too much. We have to get ahold of a good rookie and keep him. I like Foye, but he is NOT that rookie. Craig Smith has a better shot at it. Honestly. We need a bruiser not (another) shooter. Caveat: if that shooter is named LeBron or Kobe.

Money is also the reason we did NOTHING in the offseason. We could have signed any number of good centers. We got Vin Baker. Vin. Baker.

But money can be a good thing, folks. I am getting paid for the advertisement to the side of this blog. That, I think, technically makes me a professional blogger. And, I am not getting paid by the click. I was paid in advance for running the ad for the year. It was quite a bit more money than I thought it was worth for my readership, too. But really, you guys are worth it. Check the link out if you need Timberwolves tickets. Target center tickets. T wolves tickets. Twolves tickets. OK, enough shilling.

And, I look MONEY now with my new glasses. That's right, I finally got glasses.

Here is me before glasses:

Here is me after glasses:

Clark Kent's got nothin' on me. And I look younger. And smarter. And more handsome. And... ok you get the idea. I have to point out I just took those pictures in the dark, of myself, holding the camera out in front like a tourist. So they aren't a true representation. And I am laughing at myself. But I like the glasses.

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