Sunday, December 17, 2006


OK, so by now we all know about Melo's "Stop Snitchin" cameo. But just a quick recap: the video sent the message that anyone who talked to the police would be killed. Great message for the kids, to be sure.

As soon as people figured out Carmelo Anthony was in that movie, he backpedaled, and said his appearance was a joke, and the video was not to be taken seriously. And then his friends came out and punked him, and said it WAS serious, and Anthony was an Uncle Tom.

And now, Melo has shown his mettle again. Last night, while playing the horrific New York Knicks, The Denver Nuggets started piling it on. It was late in the game, the Nuggets were up 20, and four of the five starters were still in the game. They were taking it to the Knicks team with fast break 360 dunks, steals, and showboating. Isaiah Thomas, one of the original Bad Boys, and now coach of the Knicks, quietly warned Melo that if he stayed in the game, it might be a good idea not to go into the painted area. In fact, it turns out it wasn't a good idea for ANY of the Nuggets to go down there.

On another fast break, a very hard foul was laid down on J.R. Smith by Mardy Collins. A fight ensued, as it probably should. Little Nate Robinson threw a few, and then it all calmed down.

Until Carmelo Anthony came strolling in. He sucker punched Collins, and then RAN AWAY. I am not even joking here, people. He threw a blind punch, then ran down court like a bitch.

Now, fighting on court is stupid. It hurts your team and shows you don't really care about the outcome of the season. Be a man, and know that you don't have to hit everyone who challenges you.

But if you ARE going to fight, be a friggin man! Don't blind side someone, then run away.

And, if you are supposed to be a tough guy, be a tough guy. If not, stay your weak ass on the bench, and hold your press conference after.


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