Saturday, December 09, 2006


What do these two things have in common?

I have written about this Chicago Sports writer before. You probably don't care much one way or the other, but I have grown tired of his countless articles linking Kevin Garnett with Chicago. He played High School ball there, man, get over it. I am sure there are twenty other teams that wish they had KG, and are trying to figure out how to trade for him EVERY SINGLE SEASON.

But he went too far this time, and I wrote him an email. I doubt he will have the Class of David Aldridge, and respond. I also don't think the tone of this one was as pleasant as the one to DA.


I know you probably get a lot of emails like this, but this time I just could not resist the urge to write you my thoughts on your latest "article".

For years you have been writing trade rumors about Kevin Garnett going to the Bulls. Every time there is even a whisper KG is unhappy, you go ahead and chug out the same article, and submit it to your editors. Editors who, I am sure, are just as sick as the rest of us of reading it.

But this time you have gone too far. Honestly, as a "journalist" you should have a little more integrity than to write:

"It has been speculated widely that Chicago, where Garnett finished his high school career, would be an ideal match for him."

To say that is has been speculated widely is only to imply you have a big mouth, as, to wit, you are one of but a handful of writers who even take such a trade seriously.

First you must assume Garnett actually wants out of Minnesota. Assuming that, you must also assume he wants to play for a contender. Then you must take the GIANT LEAP that he is dumb enough to think Chicago is that contender. Ben Wallace has not been himself as of late, and shows no signs of regaining the flair he had in Detroit. You have a team of young players who are, at best, inconsistent. And your only bright spot is a point guard who plays good in stretches. Now how is that different from any team Minnesota has given KG?

No, Sam Smith, your dreams of seeing Kevin Garnett in Bull's Red are just as foolish as the dreams of fans here in Minnesota that KG will get the support he needs to go all the way.

And you need to find a better outlet for your writing: this sctick is getting old.

Joshua Page***

Honestly, just don't quote yours own articles as wide speculation about something. I read A LOT of trade rumors, and I have only seen one other person entertain the idea of KG and the Bulls, and it was Sam Smith's rival, and I am almost certain is was a stab at him.

But Anyway, the good news may just be we are trying to get Allen Iverson to the Timberwolves. I have to think on that and decide if I like the trade.

More to come.

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