Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Saga of the Car Stereo Master Thief: Part II

Never in my life had I uttered the phrase, "Thank God for snow," before this day. The fresh snow of the night before revealed the path our intrepid thief had taken, through the yards of many of my neighbors. I would become Tracker, and find this man. If not for me, for the dozens of citizens too scared to do it themselves.

And, it was Sunday, so I had nothing better to do.

Footprints went from house to house, car to car. Down one street and up the next. It was morning, so many people had already been to and from their vehicles. This footprint, though, was different. About a size 9, and Nike. I was pretty sure it was a crosstrainer, but until the guys at CSI got back to me, I could not be certain. What I knew was enough to track the guy about four blocks down the street, and another four away from my house.

Then, though, I lost the trail. Really, it was just a big circle, and I ended up going right back towards my house. I knew I wasn't the thief (was I?), so that was kind of a dead end.

But, what's this! The front of the yards all had tire tracks in them, from a bicycle. I started to think like a thief. This was the lookout man! Yes, it made perfect sense. How else could he have known who was awake and who was asleep. The lookout man would check the houses, and the other would go around the back and steal from the cars. This was a brilliant criminal ring we were dealing with.

Their only mistake was crossing paths with me.

And maybe using a bike in the snow. That track would be much easier to follow.

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