Tuesday, February 27, 2007


"Can you at least get five guys out there who pretend like they want to win!?"

That was the scream from one fan at the Target Center Last night, as the Timberwolves embarrased themselves, this town, and the fans who have supported them through it all.

Listen, I have stood by them through thick and thin. I am the ultimate homer. I have defended them; just tonight I said they are a collection of quality players in need of a gameplan.

Well, I am done. Look to the left, at the scoreboard. The Timberwolves managed to score 65 points, IN A WHOLE GAME. That is a highschool score. That is a college score. That is NOT an NBA score.

All that shows me is a team that has given up. You can't watch people who have no heart, or you will feel heartless.

KG wants out now, he was quoted saying "Thank God for Opt Out" which means, of course, his option to waive the final two years of his contract and go to free agency. We have not picked up any talent this year, and the trade deadline is gone. If we do not move Kevin in the offseason we will get nothing in return, and just be left with a big hole.

Who will fill it? McCants and Foye are our future, in a league where every single guard can score 30. Ricky Davis is like an embattled housewife, he is so hot and cold. Blount is overachieving, and has already shown he will slow. And no one will want to come play with us, so don't mention the salary KG frees up. Look at the Charolette Bobcats: they have the most caproom AND Michael Jordan at the helm, and still no one will play for them.

You cannot let a team give it to you like that. Especially after beating the Suns, and knowing you are capable of that much. You have to have the heart to play from tip-off to buzzer, and NONE of our players have that. Said Marko Jaric, "I don't think it's about our shooting. I think it's about pride, and that we don't have right now." And I am including the once all-heart Kevin Garnett in that. He looks like he has given up on us.

And who can blame him?

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