Saturday, March 31, 2007


So I finally bit the bullet, and took Joe up on his challenge to box. I was felling pretty good today after a hard 3 mile run with Boscoe, and I had a little extra energy. He has been wanting to do it for awhile, and I just thought I should stop putting it off.

See, Joe knows a lot of wannabe boxers, and we met in the boxing section of my store. I told him I had an interest in the sport, and we have been hanging out ever since. We did some workouts together, but I kept dodging the match. I am old, he is young, I am fat and slow, he is cut and fast. The science just pointed to him kicking my ass.

So I bought him a pink mouthguard, just to level the playing field. We went three rounds, and he won two, for sure.

The first round I felt good. It was slower than I remembered, even though he was much faster than I was. He wasn't throwing any combos, so I took advantage. I timed a good one to his body that really ought to have hurt him more than it did, and followed it up with a stinger. I got him a nice one to the nose. I really felt I was ahead. He got me on the chin, but it was really just a searching punch.

Then the second round came. It was really his fight. I would honestly score that round 10-8. Seriously. Chin music all day long. I was not moving my head, and he was hitting his marks. One punch made me feel like I was going to get starry eyed. I kept him off with combos, and he had to cover a lot, or he probably would have put me to the deck.

The third round was really more of us staying back, but he put one to my chops that, if he would have followed it with ANYTHING (a stiff breeze) would have been a knockout punch. I was lucky it didn't go four. It probably wouldn't have gone to term, anyway.

And it was fun. I didn't have breathing problems, I felt like I had good movement in my legs, and I was hitting my combos. He was just fast enough to make those miss enough to take some sting off them, and I wasn't fast enough to turn his. I learned that I need to work on my head movement a lot, and probably fight more upright against a shorter opponent. And I actually thought I did better than I would have, considering I am so damned out of shape. With time, and a key injury to Joe's knees while he sleeps, I could at least make it a fair fight.

We worked out afterwards, but the adrenaline let us down after a few short sets. No one broke anything, and we are still friends, so it was all in fun.

Next time, if I am that stupid, I am wearing lead gloves, and headgear.

And he has to fight blindfolded.

With pink gloves.

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