Thursday, April 19, 2007


Nope. Not a bad Bond title, or an even worse porn title.I am talking about Alex Rodriguez.

Can we finally get off his case for not being a closer? Please can we stop hating him for being the best, highest paid, athlete? He is leading the league in home runs (again), hitting better, slugging better. And now he has TWO walk off homers to win games. Already, in this short season.

Look, I get it. He makes a ton of money, dates supermodels and stars, lives the life most men dream about. And if that wasn't enough, he plays for the Yankees (don't get me started on the weak ass Boston Fans who pretend they wouldn't love their team to spend Yankee money). Why WOULD we like him?

So we looked at his slumping numbers last year (a year removed from an MVP season) and said he wasn't worth the price. Forget the relentless media and fans of New York, or playing out of position so Jeter (who isn't as good, there I said it) could keep his job. He just wasn't was good, and that year (and the previous years away from Yankee Stadium) was a fluke.

Except now he is leading the league and coming up clutch. Now he is the leader of the clubhouse, and the fan favorite. Now he is the early season MVP, even though it is ridiculous to be talking about it already.

Now we are going to have to stop pretending we hate him for what he does on the field, or what he gets to do off the field, and at the very least start hating him for the real reason: jealousy. We might even have to admit we like watching him. That he is every bit as exciting and athletic as billed. That he might be worth every damned dime he is getting paid. That he is the best player on his team. He might be the best modern day ball player.

Or, we can just make fun of his hair.

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