Saturday, April 14, 2007


Is Willa Ford? Anyone? Anyone?

Because she has the GALL to be playing Anna Nicole Smith in a movie that is about to suck because of it.

Understand me here for a second. The first pin-up I EVER had on my walls was Anna Nicole. She was wearing pink. And was on an antique iron bed. And she was full bodied, and beautiful, and everything exotic and right with the opposite sex.

And now they are going to (continue to) drag her name through the mud to make some bucks on some crappy made for TV movie about her life, and we are going to get to know way too much about her, and some nobody named WILLA FUCKING FORD is going to play her.

I have not been this mad since I heard Jennifer NO TALENT Hewitt was playing Holly Golightly. There is something fundamentally wrong here.

Her beauty was not that she was some back woods nobody who made it big. Or that she was accessibly messed-up, and we could all relate to her problems. Or that she was so slow you felt like you could actually pick her up at a bar and have sex with her.

She was beautiful, and stay with me here, because SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL. Why, oh why, do we continue to try to find something beyond that in every quasi-celebrity we encounter? Why do we feel the need to try and find something deeper? Why can't we just lust from afar, and be ok with that?

And now we will dig through the trash left after the wake, and try to find one more shiny penny to put in our pocket, and we will not let Anna Nicole rest, and the world will not be right, until we do.


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