Monday, May 07, 2007


So another week is in the books, and it has shown me some promising things.

First, and formost, I am still training. That is huge, considering the number of things I have taken on and not followed through with. I will save you the "Biodome" style list, but suffice to say it is not short.

Running is actually becoming my strong suit. I shaved about a minute off my total time this week. That, after last week's gains, is putting me in contention for atop five run split. Running three miles is actually becoming quite easy, even in the up to 35mph winds we had this week. For the next few weeks, I am going to increase my distance by .5 each run, and see where I plateau. I should gain stamina, and I will even guess when I go back down to 3 miles I will have picked up some more time.

Biking is steady, once again. I have been playing with seat position in an attempt to break my natural cadence. I think, since I have biked so damned much, I am stuck at one speed. I would like to add 1mph to that speed, and it is proving more difficult than I had first anticipated.

Swimming is still a chore, but I feel progress. My time has only gone down a few scant seconds. But my energy afterwards is better. Today I swam after doing a bike/run brick, and I was still fine. I might have had a breakthrough on form, using my hands a bit better to pull me (because my legs were so tired). I will know more Wednesday. I am still waiting for the lake to become warm enough to swim, as I am not sure the pool is helping my swim stamina any (every 25 meters I am touching a wall, however briefly, and turning around).

I like the IDEA of being a triathlete. It has given my mornings (since I get up so early and my wife leaves for work far before I do) some meaning and direction, and it is keeping me focused. I am looking forward to August 18th.

I want to see how far I can push myself before then.

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