Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I just made a big long post about my week training for the triathlon, and another equally long, and therefore impressive post about my weekend. But I don't want to type it all out again, so I am going to cheat my reader(s) and give you the brief summary.

I am doing interval training now to try and change my cadence. On the advice of a long distance running coach, I went (broke into) the college outdoor track and timed my half miles. My mile time is around 7:20 right now, so I timed my half miles at 3:20. That would, for you English majors out there, come out to a 6:40 mile, well below my average. The idea is I will change my bodies natural rhythm, and when I go back to block running I will be faster. So far, it worked, as I ran anywhere from a 3:15 to a 3:25 half mile, with quarter mile "rests" in between. I am going to continue that the rest of this week, then run another three mile block and see how my time is.

Swimming still vexes me, as I can swim an 11:30 600m one day, then follow it up with a 12:40 the next. I can tell what I am doing right and wrong, but still have little to no control over my body whilst doing it. Hopefully, more repetition will help. I will try some intervals in swimming and biking this week, too.


Spike, Libby, Josh, Heather, and Bishop all came to visit this weekend. We spent a night playing yard games, bonfiring (it's a word), and drinking a bit too much. Josh even played an instant guitar classic for us around the fire. It was a great night. It is nice to have my own house, and yard, and be able to share that with my friends.

The next day we went geocaching for the first time this year. For those of you who don't remember, geocaching is like treasure hunting, with a GPS. Someone you don't know hides a cache and with clues and coordinates you find it. You then log that you found it, take something from the cache, and leave something else. It is a lot of fun and a great way to get everyone outside and active.

Here are some pictures from our adventure:

This one is me, apparently explaining where I think the first cache is. You can see the GPS in my hands and the vacant looks on the faces of my fellow cachers. I might not know where I am going.

But, we got there, eventually, and we started searching. AS it turns out, geocaching pictures are a lot like climbing pictures: a lot of butt shots.

Here, we found the small, cleverly hidden cache. I made a funny face, which ruined Carly's picture. She took another, better one, but it was not in the real moment, so it is a fake.

This one was easier to find. All signs pointed to the Indian. Once again a group of white people steal his shit.

It was a great day that we capped off at Green Mill. We would have eaten at an authentic Italian joint, but it turns out Bemidji is becoming more and more protestant, as local businesses are now closing Sundays. Soon we will only be able to eat at fast food or the bar. Good plan, Christians!

You know, this really was a great weekend. Thanks to Spike, Libby, Josh, Heather, my amazing wife (who cooked all weekend for everyone, and never once uttered a complaint, even though we probably never thanked her for it), and my dog Boscoe (who didn't cook at all, and whined a lot).

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