Monday, June 11, 2007


A recent conversation with a friend reminded me that I still had this space to write in, and that some friends, living far away, actually read it to keep up with my daily life. Sort of makes a guy feel all warm...

So I figure I should update it. I will start with what has become the bulk of my time wasting: Triathlon.

I am debating signing up for the Bemidji tri. It is July 28th, so it is close to the other one. On the one hand, I think I will be ready. On the other hand, I don't want to be so tired I cannot do the one I originally planned to do. That last might be a cop out, though, honestly. If I can do one, I can probably do another two weeks later. And I really ought do it; it starts about two blocks from my house.

Looking at my training calendar shows two things: I have been resting more, but training harder. I have increased my distances all above what I will be doing on race day. I have been training bricks for the past few weeks, and am starting to understand what my body needs to do to transition from one phase to the next.

And I have been decreasing my time. Running with LJ, and biking around the whole lake are both helping. The lake, too, is getting warm enough to swim in. I look forward to adding that part back to my routine (the pool is only open now while I am at work, so I have only swam twice in the last three weeks). The last swim, at least, was promising.

In other news, I HAVE been watching the NBA finals. Here is all I need to say, and then I will probably say a bit more: LeBron James needs to learn to make a layup. Not a dunk. Not an up and under. Just a layup. That's all I want to see from him. He is good enough to finish around the basket against just about anyone, yet he gyrates and flails like a fly in a frog's tongue. He is too good not to be putting those in. Yet his points in the paint percentage is horrible!

Now, that being said, he still doesn't have a shot. I tried explaining this to my best frien d(and anyone in the store who would listen) The cavs just don't match up with the Spurs. This is not Detroit, which arguably is a better overall squad. This is three guys who are all at the top of their game. And they are piquing at the perfect time. The Cavalier's team defence WILL NOT work against them, it can't.

I will be shocked if they win two games. I think they will win game 4, and lose 5 to close the series. Yes, that means they lose tomorrow night. You heard it here, first.

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