Saturday, July 28, 2007


As most of you know, I have been training for triathlon for the past couple months. Today was the first of two races I will be running as a result.

For my first race, I guess it went OK. The raw stats are as follows:

1:27:53 (my time)
47th (my place)
153 (total racers)

That puts me in the top third, but well off my 1:17 goal, and top 25 finish.

What went wrong?

The swim, quite frankly, was more than I could handle. I took a full six minutes more than I thought I would, or than my best time in the water. The problem was two fold. First, I am not a good swimmer. I seriously need to get a swim coach this winter, so I can be more competitive. Secondly, I tried to keep pace with the group. I made it about 300m before I was completely tired out. I need to pace myself, and run my race.

I also need to get a tri suit. Not only will it help my buoyancy (someone went so far as to say it cut 30% off swim times), but it will let me transition faster. Without seeing the splits, I estimate I spent almost four minutes in transition. I saw other people take less than 30 seconds. The reason was those damned suits. They don't have to change any clothes, just put on shoes and go. Another three minutes wasted. And another lesson learned.

The bike suffered a bit as a result of the swim, but not bad. I could have pushed harder, but I was happy with the result. I passed more than a few people, and kept a good pace.

Similarly, I did ok in the run. I could probably get a minute or two back from that by pacing it out, again, and pushing more at the beginning, as I thought it would be harder, and still had some fuel left in the tank at the end.

All that being said, I finished, and finished pretty well. I have made it through the first of what I hope to be many triathlons, and I feel good about it. I am on my way to becoming a triathlete.


Even though the above was sports related, Alex made a request for more sports news. Specifically, he wanted MLS news.

Thursday, Chivas met the Red Bulls on the pitch. Chivas took an early lead and kept the pedal to the metal, blanking the Red Bulls two nil. There were just over 10,000 fans in attendance.

Wait...10 thousand? Honestly? WNBA games have more fans than that. Really, no one watches this stuff. I thought at least they would have some hard core, tailgating soccer hooligan wannabes. Nothing?

David Beckham, you have your work cut out for you, my friend. Trying to make this sport relevant is like trying to get Barry Bonds off the juice.

Good luck.

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