Thursday, July 26, 2007


Because I think I a big post is coming (and it is, watch for it) I thought I would get this post out of the way.

Last week I visited Colorado. I went with my boss. Reread that last sentence if you thought I was on vacation. Officially, we were there for a buying show. I think I have discussed this before, but the idea is all the vendors show up, and we play with their stuff. Then, the stuff that gives us the most enjoyment gets ordered, and we sell it. There ya go. That's retail.

I will say I am impressed with some cardio pieces we picked up. I am glad we are expanding fitness for two reasons: One, it is our top seller, and top growth industry. And two, I have carte blanche in that area. So we are expanding, slowly, and hopefully it will pay off. It did last year.

Now back to Colorado. Ken took the first day to play golf, so I was left to my own devices. My devices found me in a bike shop, where I rented a LeMond Buenos Aires for the day. It was a sweet rig, and I daresay a step above my bike at home. A 25 mile trail was suggested to me by Ken's cousin, so I took that. I tried to find a picture of the trailmap online, but I could not. It was the c-470 trail, and I ended up taking it quite a ways more than 25 miles. I went from Littleton to Red Rock, and back. Not a bad little ride. And it was an asskicker. Guess what, we don't have hills like that! I was climbing all day; over three hours of climbing. I ended at about elevation 5500 on that trip.

But, I would be remiss if I did not talk about the way DOWN. Honestly, I prefer the "up" it is a lot more work, but a lot less scary. There was one part of the trail that went through a golf course (golf is EVERYWHERE there) and the trail was shared by golf carts. Let that sink in, and then add to that switchbacks and a nice 25% grade, downhill. It was white-knuckles all the way to the bottom.

I was going to take the bike back then, but when I got to the shop I still had a bit of steam left in me. I refilled my water bottle, and was handed this map. It is a nice little 10-15 mile ride, with a summit right in the middle. Same story, but steeper. The way up was easily slower than jogging, and the way down was faster than a Porche. I was a bit more used to it by then, but it was still hairy. took me about an hour, and that should tell you about how steep the incline was.

The next day we had classes, and I won't bore you with those details. I sat through an OK seminar on fitness, and a bad management training. Then we had time off, again.

This time we ended up in the flatirons. This is what one of them looks like. Impressive? Yes. The hike to the top and down is about 7 miles, and a peak elevation of over 6500. Here is the view from the top.
I was with a couple 30 somethings, and we had to take a few breaks. I made up for it, though, by running down, back up to where they had hiked, and back down. I was dripping when I was done, and the next day I was bow legged, but it felt good.

The rest of the trip was a lot of class, hot show, and order forms. It was pretty boring.

I do want to say that it is tough being a travel partner with your boss. It is a hard line to skate between buddy and employee, and it is even harder to assert yourself when you want to do something. Ken is a pretty cool guy, and if he wasn't my boss we would probably be great travel buddies. But BECAUSE he is my boss, it was a bit uncomfortable at times, and I felt like I was being paid to be his friend sometimes.

That being said, I got a free trip to Colorado, and got to get some fun stuff done. And, for the most part, got along with my boss. So it's a win, and a good time, and I would do it again.

I will probably revise this, it is kinda ramble-y.

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