Monday, October 22, 2007


The Minnesota Vikings offense lost us the game yesterday. That's it, and that's how simple it all is.

It wasn't in turnovers (although the blocked field goal sure did hurt), but lack of production. Which, probably, is worse. With a turnover, at least you know you are getting the ball back. This team can't do anything with the ball no matter how many times they get it back.

And it starts at the top. The play calling was awful. In a game when you are up a score going into the half, why not pound the ball. Further, why not use your best weapon, a running back who led the league in rushing, to pound the ball. Further still, use the guy who is the only big play threat on your team. And, since that guy is the same guy, this is coaching at it's easiest.

But instead, "Coach" Childress but the ball in the hands of a quarterback with a horrible rating, and no ability to hit receivers in catchable places (he did manage to throw at the feet, though, which is an improvement over throwing to the other team).

Think I am being too hard on the kid? How about 6 completions, the whole game. That's right. Six. No wonder Wade was chewing him out. He can't catch passes if they aren't being thrown, if I may be allowed a Maddenism.

But it all comes down to choice, here. Childress is making some bad ones. Now I am making a good one.

Go Pack.


I have some grumbling observations to make. Today, on woot! is a zune for 80 bucks. Great deal. On sellout.woot! the zune is 100 bucks. The difference? The cheaper one is brown. When the hell did MP3 players become fashion accessories? Who the hell cares what color it is? Honestly, it plays music and small videos. It could be baby shit green, complete with little nuggets, and that function would not change. Get over it.

What's up with the frebreze candle having more than one scent? The core is made of frebreze, and it is surrounded by some scented wax. I thought the magical property of frebreze was it eliminated odor. How can it tell what is good odor and what is bad odor? Shouldn't it swallow up the candle scent, too?

Are you sick of these Iphone commercials? We get it, it surfs the web. It doesn't save lives, and it doesn't control the weather. Al gore does both those things, not the Iphone.

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