Monday, November 05, 2007


Finally, I have some good news to report about a Minnesota team.

First, we beat a solid, if underperforming, squad in the San Deigo Chargers last night. And we did it convincingly. The defense only allowed ten points, and the offense scored 35.

But what was amazing, and what made the contest fun to watch, was the way Adrian Peterson was running.

I am on record saying we needed a quarterback, not a runningback, in last year's draft. While I liked this kid from the get go, I thought we would need better throwing to win. I am still right, we are 3-5 because Jackson can't get the ball down the field. But, I am glad we got this guy. He has a chance to be the best there ever was.

Don't believe me? Just take a look at what he did yesterday: rushing for 296 yards, and three TDs. That first number is not the NFL record for a game, beating Jamal Lewis' 295.

It gives him 1036 rushing yards, on pace to crush the rookie record of 1808 held by Eric Dickerson. It also gives him a chance at the single season record of 2105, also held by dickerson.

He has 8 touchdowns, needing 10 more in 8 contests to break THAT rookie record. He already has the rookie record for 200+ yard games, and needs two more to tie the record for a single season by any player.

And these are the first 8 games, people! He seems to be getting smarter; wiating for his blockers to set up better than the begining of the year, and hitting his cuts a touch faster (if such a thing is possible) He makes the first taclker miss always, and is a threat every single time he touches the ball.

We will not win anything of importance this year, and we won't even make the playoffs. But we do have something in Peterson that gives fans a hope for the future. If this is the track he is on, and we can add a piece here and there, we can become a quality franchise for years and years to come.


The Timberwolves are off to the start we all thought they would make: 0-2. What we didn't know was how good they would look losing. Both games have been close loses to good squads, and both games have had us leading by good margins. The inability to finsih games is a sign of poor coaching and inexperience. One of those can be fized with time, one with balls...The Patriots/Colts game lived up to the biling. It was probably the best contest between equally matched teams we have seen in awhile. Let's hope the post-season features these two again...T.O. seems to have calmed down, and gave a post-game interview that was full of praise and even (gasp) self-deprication. Is this the new T.O.? Let's hope so. A guy with that much talent is hard not to like, and he needs to stop giving the media reasons...The 100th episode of Family guy was OK, but not great. The recap of the first 99 was better, and McFarlane had some funny spots with interviewees. One idiot, though, said she "Didn't want people to see [Family Guy] and think that's what all americans were like." Really? People are going to judge us by our cartoons? Someone needs to shoot her, and throw her off a boat.

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