Monday, December 10, 2007


It's been awhile. I cannot apologize for that: life was moving fast and I was just holding on for dear life.

But,it has slowed to just-above-normal, and I feel like I can reflect a little. Here goes...For all you Josh fans,this is the two minute drill of my life:


Bil, get ready to be jealous. Yeah, that's right, I work for a GM car dealership. That means I get to drive the new Cadillacs, and the SRX is all kinds of nice. It also means that, every few years, I get to buy brand new cars for under invoice, and I can buy used cars for 100 over cost.

But the real reasons for changing jobs, beyond the differences in managerial direction chronicled to all my friends, were but twofold.
First, I am making a load more money here. That sort of speaks for itself. While money is not everything, it certainly is something, and it helps a young couple to have a bit more of it. We will now, and that is nice.
Second, and more importantly, I have normal hours-getting done at 5, and being home Saturday and Sunday. My wife will switch back to this same schedule in January, as well. We will get to be a normal couple, and visit with our normal couple friends. Already it feels nicer.

My official function is service advisor. This means I coordinate the service department, making sure the techs and customers stay happy and on time. This job will also have commission, and bonuses, for how well I perform the above function. Already I have been noticed for my efficiency, and I only assume that will continue. It is a very face paced day, and I like not having to check the clock, only to see it hasn't moved.


I am not sure if I should even talk about these two things, but the Vikings and the Timberwolves both had a good weekend. The Vikings are now riding a four game winning streak. We beat a pretty bad team in the 49ers, but we beat them convincingly, and we now have the easiest strength of schedule of any team remaining. And for my own crow eating, Tavarius Jackson is 7-2 as a starter. I thought he was a bum, and it turns out he is probably just mediocre. So I guess I am saying he is a turd sandwich, not a douche.
The Timberwolves still stink, but they just beat The Phoenix Suns by 9 points, holding the high powered team to under 100 points. Al Jefferson had 32 points and 20 rebounds, and is starting to make us at least think we got SOMETHING out of THE TRADE. Sebastian Telfair, to eat more crow, has turned out to be a great "throw in" and is a pretty good true point guard. We are close, even though we are a year away.


I had a great lunch with my sister and mother, and an even better weekend with my Aunt, Uncle, other sister and common law brother (and nephew). I would go into details, but you guys don't know any of them anyway, so I will just say it was better than expected, and just what I expected, and not in any order of expectations.

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